KaLambuaN will be the leading futures thinking professional organization in the Visayas, contributing to nation-building through strategic foresight.


To help in nation-building guided by the futures thinking and sustainability framework


By 2030, KaLambuaN will be:

  • Regarded as a strong platform for futures thinking and sustainability advocacy; 
  • Among the key influencers of policy-making in regional and national development in the country;
  • The preferred futures thinking professional organization partner in the region in relevant endeavors;
  • Expanding its membership base to several areas of the country; and
  • Among the leading providers of futures thinking training and conferences in the country.


KaLambuaN generally aims to promote the Futures thinking and sustainability advocacy and its relevance to nation building. Specifically, it will: 

  1. Provide assistance in the strategic planning of interested institutions or agencies;
  2. Recommend relevant policies to appropriate government agencies;
  3. Recruit professionals to expand membership base in different areas and sectors; 
  4. Conduct relevant trainings and conferences for members and interested organizations or institutions; and
  5. Provide trainings and assistance for the development of proposals for funding by relevant government agencies or funding institutions.