Dear Colleagues, 

Hiraya Manawari!

I am more than eager to share my optimism and enthusiasm for the possibilities that lie ahead for all of us. In this age of unprecedented innovation and growth, it is essential to discuss the profound effect that the framework of “futures thinking” can have on the higher education sector and on the progress of our country.

The Philippine higher education sector can have a transformative power in nation building. The world is constantly changing, and as a result, we need to be flexible and creative in our thinking as well as resilient. Futures thinking, which involves foreseeing potential outcomes and making appropriate plans for the coming future, is an essential framework to mitigate unwanted “futures”. Our job as educators extends beyond simply presenting our students with facts about the world. We are the impetus for our students to imagine, design, and adopt the world of the future. Future success will need the development of critical thinking, creativity, and resilience in the classroom. We can help equip the next generation to promote innovation and sustainable development by including the futures thinking framework in our lessons.

Futures thinking can help us plan for endeavours that can contribute to regional and national development more effectively. Policies that can withstand anticipated changes in the future can be recommended to appropriate authorities by analyzing and anticipating societal and technological developments. Our development strategies should reflect the strategic foresight and agility that futures thinking delivers, whether we’re planning for climate change, managing the implications of sophisticated technology, or reducing societal imbalances.

Incorporating a focus on the future into higher learning and policymaking gives us the tools to shape the future rather than merely survive it. This should serve as a rallying cry to educators everywhere. Let us, as educators and policymakers, foster a society that values the ability to see forward, accepts novelty, and drives the country forward.

While the road ahead may seem long and winding, keep in mind that it is frequently in the face of great adversity that the greatest breakthroughs occur. With your help, we can make the Philippines a more egalitarian, sustainable, and successful nation in the future.

We appreciate your unflinching dedication to our cause. I am excited to collaborate with you all to help influence the futures of higher education and the Philippines.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Adrian P. Ybañez, DVM, DRDM, MDM, MBA, MCDRM, PhD
Professor, Cebu Technological University
Over-All Regional Chair